TAMAMU in Japan

TAMAMU in Japan - The Dancing Brush Painting Sounds Speaking Bodies

A Project of Cultural Exchange on Occasion of the Japan-EU Year of People-to-People Exchanges. September 15th - October18th, 2005

The World of “TAMAMU” – an Art Ensemble from Vienna
Sept. 9th through Oct. 18th, 2005When a simple stroke of a brush turns into a monk sitting down in meditation, a plant growing in the desert, or a dugout canoe carrying a lone rower, then we’ve got to be witnessing a performance by Roman Scheidl. (Wolfgang Hermann)

The Dancing Brush by painter Roman Scheidl, and the TAMAMU ENSEMBLE have been invited to go to Japan as a contribution from Austria.

They will be joined on stage by Japanese artists to work together in a friendly atmosphere, bridging the gaps between the two nations.

This project of cultural exchange is supported by the Austrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Austrian Cultural Forum in Tokyo, some Japanese cities and associations as well as the Keio University and Gallery ef of Tokyo.

On September 15, 17 and 18, Roman Scheidl and the TAMAMU Ensemble, painter Katharina Puschnig, composer Kyoko Abe and dancer Magda Loitzenbauer will perform The Dancing Brush, Scheidl’s live drawing programme using an overhead projector, in the Austrian Pavilion at EXPO 2005 in Aichi. Mrs Shihoko Ora has translated texts by Wolfgang Hermann to be included in the programme.

The Austrian painter has been invited to stage two nights of performance at Noda / Ciba and Nango / Aomori on September 28 and October 2nd respectively, together with Japanese musicians and friends of his as well as Japanese dancer Hideo Arai. During the same period, Roman Scheidl’s brush drawings will be on show in an exhibition at Nango’s New Library.

Keio University of Tokyo has invited Roman Scheidl for a series of lectures on his work, and TAMAMU will perform at New North Hall on October 7.

On October 8 and 10, Japanese children and dancers will meet the TAMAMU ENSEMBLE in Tsukuba / Ibaraki to rehearse and stage some performance pieces.
TAMAMU is a mixed group of friends and freelance artists from various disciplines and different nations. They are dancers, painters, composers, musicians, authors, actors and directors who work together on stage in various line-ups.

TAMAMU was established in 1988 by the late Swiss dancer Bettina Nisoli († 1996), Austrian painter Roman Scheidl and composer Kyoko Abe. Originally, TAMAMU brought together on stage the disciplines of dance, painting and music (“TAnz, MAlerei und MUsik” in German). In 1997, TAMAMU’s re-launch in co-operation with Katharina Puschnig added the components of language and a new live simultaneous-drawing programme.

Roman Scheidl, born in Leopoldsdorf (Lower Austria) in 1949, is a painter known far beyond the borders of Austria. Between 1970 and 1975, he studied at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts. Ever since, he has travelled extensively to exhibit his works in Paris, Zurich, Stockholm, Amsterdam, New York, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Abu Dhabi, among other places.

Katharina Puschnig, born in 1969, grew up at Purkersdorf near Vienna. She is a painter and performer. Since 1997, she has co-managed the ensemble together with Roman Scheidl. She is in charge of stage production and text selection. On stage, she specialises in language-based performance and live simultaneous-drawing programmes with Roman Scheidl.

Kyoko Abe, born in Tokyo in 1950, is one of the founding members of TAMAMU. She’s been with the ensemble since its inception in 1988. She studied composition at the Kunitachi Music Academy of Tokyo and the Vienna Music Academy. Amongst other distinctions, she was awarded the Ernst Krenek prize of the city of Vienna and the Prix Ars Electronica in 1988 and 1990 respectively.

Magda Loitzenbauer, born in Brazil in 1966, is a freelance dancer and choreographer who joined TAMAMU three years ago. She was trained as a ballet dancer in Brazil and went on to earn the title of dance educator from the Conservatory of the City of Vienna. Since 1997, she's been studying yoga extensively.

Wolfgang Hermann, born in Bregenz (Austria) in 1961, is an author. He studied in Vienna and later spent several years abroad, e.g. as a lecturer at Tokyo's Sophia University. For his writing he received numerous literature awards, and some of his books have been translated into Japanese.

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